How to change MAC address on NIC and start capture the network traffic

  • Everything is done inside the Kali Linux OS.
  • Please, open up your Terminal window and run this command in advance:

How to change Mac add

Step 1: Run ifconfig wlan0 down — turn off the NIC by running, wlan0 is your NIC device, it will vary on different devices.

Enabling monitor mode on the wireless NIC to capture all of the data in LAN

Method 1: Using “iwconfig” (iwconfig is used for configuring wireless card).

Packet sniffing using airodump-ng

Step 1: Run airodump-ng wlan0mon (wlan0mon is my Wifi adapter in monitored mode) — see the whole nearby networks.


This is just the first step to perform some cool later ethical hacking on wireless network. I hope that you’ve learned something new today. Stay tune, guys!!



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Quan Nguyen


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